Join us in hacking the stack.

Join more than 15,000 developers who have already written SmartApps and device type handlers on the SmartThings Platform.

Upcoming Events

The SmartThings team of advocates, ambassadors, engineers, and more are intersted in meeting you. We're often in cities around the world, participating in developer events, hackathons, and workshops. Come meet us in person.

Beta Tester Program

Want to provide valuable feedback in user experience and usability, testing in live environments, ensuring that products are seamlessly integrated with SmartThings?

Then, let us know. The Beta Tester program is a selective program where community developers are invited to test out our latest features, newest devices, or device integrations.

SmartThings Ambassador Program

We are building a team of trusted ambassadors who help advocate and promote the SmartThings platform. SmartThings Ambassadors represent us at meetups, hackathons, and developer events.

Besides extending the reach of the SmartThings team, the ambassadors gather feedback about APIs, build interesting projects, and advocate all over the world.

Benefits include networking with SmartThings staff and industry leaders, early access to SmartThings news and devices, access to hackathons and events, and more. Interested in learning more about the SmartThings Ambassador Program?

Community Forums

The SmartThings developer community is the heart of the SmartThings platform. The forums cover all topics related to SmartThings, as well the wider world of the Internet of Things.

Have a look for yourself and join the conversation.

SmartThings Developers

Developers and partners continue to find new ways to create on and extend the SmartThings Platform. We're proud to support these innovations and collaborations as we find new ways to solve problems and make all of our homes smarter.

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    Eric Roberts
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    Tim Slagle
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