Let's build the connected home of the future, together.

Our home is the center of our lives. What if we could make it more thoughtful, more convenient, and much safer. Let's build it together.

We've built an open platform that lets any product or service connect with SmartThings to improve the lives of millions — a full stack, protocol agnostic, platform for orchestrating connected devices and web services, built for inventors and partners.

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Orchestrate Anything

Imagination—your only barrier. Create applications that make life at home easier for everyone.

SmartApps orchestrate devices in the home to perform specific actions based on events and triggers. For example sending a push notification when there's unexpected movement in the living room, or automatically turn a light on when the sun sets. Use REST APIs to integrate your SmartApp with your online service.

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Simplified Innovation

Really useful abstraction. SmartApps you develop will work with entire categories of devices and eliminates the need to know about specific device models or learn hardware specific communication protocols like Z-Wave and ZigBee.

Each device declares the capabilities it supports, such as "I'm a Switch" which means SmartApps developed to interact with switches will work regardless of the manufacturer or model.


Publish for Everyone

Create SmartApps and publish them for everyone to benefit. Partners and developers from the community are already doing some amazing things.

  • SmartThings + Amazon Echo

    We’re excited to announce that SmartThings is now compatible with Amazon Echo!

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  • SmartThings + BMW

    BMW can take you anywhere, and starting today, SmartThings can bring you home.

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  • Scout Alarm Monitoring + SmartThings

    We’re excited to announce the launch of a 24/7 professional home monitoring service with Scout Alarm. With this beta integration, you can enhance how you monitor and secure your home by dispatching the police in response to a home break-in.

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  • SmartThings + WeatherBug

    SmartThings users can now save even more energy and money by integrating their SmartThings-compatible thermostat with WeatherBug.

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  • Control Philips hue Bulbs w/ SmartThings

    Controlling your Philips hue light bulbs with SmartThings is a breeze. Here's how.

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  • Jawbone with SmartThings

    With SmartThings + UP24 by Jawbone, you can trigger your home to wake up and go to sleep with you. Here's how.

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  • The Ultimate IFTTT Guide

    The SmartThings channel on IFTTT is packed with 180 valuable if-this-then-that recipes that let you seamlessly integrate your favorite products and online services with the everyday things around you.

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  • Smart Weather Lamp

    The weather can always keep you guessing, but thanks to an ingenious creation from a member of the SmartThings Community, it doesn’t have to. Check out how Jim is using SmartThings to visually show what the forecast has in store for him each day at his home’s exact location.

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  • SmartThings Compatible Products

    A list of products tested by SmartThings and verified to work with SmartThings.

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Open Ecosystem

Unleash the creativity of the SmartThings developer community to expand how people use your device everyday. Get started by creating a "Device Type Handler" which defines manufacturer-specific communication with the SmartThings Platform.

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If you're a device maker and want to get started, let us know, we'll be happy to discuss partnerships and help guide you through certification. If you’re a developer and excited to bring a specific device onto the platform, we’d love to hear from you.